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Learn how you can re-align your spine to release the pressure caused by the compressed nerves.  The treatment for the disc compression pain is natural and pain free.  This natural method and one of the best pain reliever for spinal stenosis is taught by Dr. Steve Young who was featured in many medical journals.  The back pain treatment method is backed up by many medical clinics including scientific research.

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Best Treatment For Spinal Stenosis Pain

One of the best treatment for spinal stenosis pain is Laminectomy.  This is a surgical process and is effective and considered to be one of the best treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis.

Everything You Need To Know About Laminectomy

Your spinal cord can suffer from many problems, and one of the most painful is when the spinal column narrows and it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the spinal nerves. This may cause spinal stenosis.

Understanding Laminectomy And See How It Is The Best Treatment For Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

A laminectomy is a surgical procedure that relieves the compression on your spinal cord. Patients who have spinal stenosis often undergo this surgery. In this procedure, the doctor will remove your lamina. That’s where the name of the surgery comes from.

Lamina is the part of the bones that creates the vertebral arch in your spine. Apart from removing your lamina, the doctor will also take out the bone spurs. These are some of the parts that put extra pressure on your spinal cord that affects the nerve roots. Patients who need this surgery often experience the following symptoms:

• Difficulty while walking

• Constant back pain

• Weakness or numbness in the legs

• Difficulty controlling your bowel movements or bladder

This procedure is performed only if non-invasive treatments don’t work and the symptoms affect your daily life.

Why You May Need A Laminectomy Surgery?

Spinal stenosis is a very painful experience for patients. As the spinal column narrows down, the nerves can’t tolerate the extra pressure. This can happen because of the following conditions:

• If you have arthritis in your spine. This condition is more common among seniors.

• If there is a sudden swelling of the ligaments and bones and shrinking of your spinal discs. This is another condition that is common in older adults.

• If you have a congenital disability where there is an abnormal growth of the spine.

• If you suffer from Paget’s disease, where bones grow improperly.

• If you experience a traumatic injury, slipped disc, or there is a tumor in your spine.

Finding Top Spinal Stenosis Surgeons Near Me

This form of surgery to treatment for spinal stenosis leg pain is complex and should be performed by qualify and the best spinal stenosis surgeons.  You will need to be hospitalized for many days.  It is best to look for the nearest spinal stenosis dr to help with this surgery.

How Is Laminectomy Performed?

You will be under anesthesia while this surgery is performed. The anesthesiologist will monitor your movements throughout the surgery. Your spinal stenosis surgeons will do the following things during laminectomy:

1. Mark the surgical site before doing anything else. This will allow him/her to clean the area properly. The surgeon will use an antiseptic solution on the surgical site to clean your skin. This prevents bacterial infection after the surgery.

2. Using a scalpel, he/she will make a small cut in the middle of your neck or your back. This is decided by the surgeon depending on the area you are experiencing the maximum pain.

3. Move all the ligaments, muscles, and skin to get a better view of what’s inside.

4. Depending on the severity of your problem, the surgeon might remove the entire lamina bone from your spine.

5. He/she will also remove additional bone spurs that may cause the pain to resurface.

6. That is the end of the surgery. The surgeon will then close all the incisions with stitches and cover them with sterile bandages.

It usually takes approximately three hours to perform this procedure. Additionally, the surgeon may also perform another surgery called spinal fusion. In this procedure, two bones connect at the back to provide better stability to the spine. He/she can also perform foraminotomy so that the space where the nerve roots reach the spine increases.

Chiropractic Care after Laminectomy

Laminectomy involves tweaking your spinal cord to make the spinal stenosis to go away. Although there will be several medications after the surgery is complete, you can opt for chiropractic care to provide quick recovery. Chiropractors can manipulate your spine to improve your mobility. They apply controlled pressure on the affected area so that the bones become more flexible. The objective of chiropractic treatment is to reduce subluxation. It can improve your range of motion and reduce nerve irritability to a great extent.

This treatment involves a combination of procedures where a short lever arm thrust is applied to your vertebra accompanied by the release of joint cavitation that releases oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. It is one of the most effective post-op treatments that can speed up your recovery period.

Seek Treatment In Florida

Laminectomy is the last hope for patients suffering from spinal stenosis. It can relieve the pain once and for all. Anyone who experiences the aforementioned symptoms should consult a doctor in your nearest Florida walk in clinic to get proper diagnosis and immediate care if you live in FL, like myself.

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